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Why the hair falls out more in the fall?

Why we noticed that more hair falls in the autumn season? In many cases, becomes alarmed and very uncomfortable, massively down and it looks like our hair density decreases considerably.
This is a time of year that the renewal of hair is natural, yes, if there is no other additional problem (stress, anxiety, poor diet, hormonal, etc). With the arrival of autumn, the body suffers, suffers changes and must adapt to the new climate and the hair needs to meet a cycle that has to be balanced with the formation of the new.
In humans, the hair grows in cycles are not synchronized, each starting hair growth cycle phases at different times. There are three phases in the hair growth cycle: anagen, catagen and telogen. The active phase of hair growth is the anagen – approximately 90% of hairs are in it. Lasts 2 to 6 years. After completing the anagen, catagen hair starts, during this short phase (2-3 weeks) of the matrix cells cease their division and keratinized. Upon completion of keratinization, hair enters the last phase of the cycle, telogen. During the telogen (10%), keratin hair fall, lasts about 3 or 4 months and varies by season, age and hormonal status. While this phase occurs, a new born and grow hair and the follicle starts again the anagen phase.
What really matters, if we observe a large drop in the autumn hair is that there is a balance between the hair falls out and the birth, and there is no doubt that there are different stages of external aggression that “shedding hair “is accelerating. Understand that the hair has been subjected during the summer, heat and UV radiation and this accelerates their growth cycle and therefore, also falls in bulk. So, it may be alarming to most of the population, being however a trivial problem that fixes itself. Anyway, see our hair and treat it properly, with the care they deserve, always translate into a strong and healthy hair.